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Trade mark "Security Seals GST"
Trading Firm "Olga&Co"

105-B, Levitana Str., No. 424
Odessa, 65114, Ukraine

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+38 (048) 728-3-000

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Ukraine, Odessa / Company location

Ukraine, Odessa / Company location

Security seals GST trade mark

Security seals GST trademark is the leading company in security seals production, development and spreading of modern sealing devices that meet international standards. The company, with 16 years old experience in the international market of security seals. The Security seals trade mark management team has been certified ISO 9001:2000 quality standards in the year, 2006.

The company provides a high level of security seals services, constantly increases the range of products and creates new types of security seals. Our certified specialists and high quality management team, testing laboratories and security seals production technologies are open to your needs.

The security seals product range is constantly growing. The company's specialists analyze daily  the trends of security seals market and are ready to offer and suggest to its customers the best prices and production terms of high quality products.

Security seals trademark researches the world's market of security seals, tools and methods of sealing. Specialists of the company choose, update and create their own new products, tools and methods of sealing. Our management team is guided by three main criteria: reliability, indicator & economic suitability.

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